Saturday, 11 March 2017

A steel frame

The new Elf centre has progressed rapidly, and after the pouring of the foundations the steel frame went up a few days ago.

Remember when it was still cold and wet? That was the day the concrete lorries arrived. Here they are making a start on the foundations, this trench being for the facade along the platform. The new building will have a steel frame inside, and will be clad in Bradstone.

Looking south, you can see the operator of the concrete pump on the left, and two associates guiding the pour and checking the correct depth.

A set of bolts to support the steelwork is in the centre, not yet fitted.

The car park is well filled - there isn't a lot of room with all these building works going on.

Taking a step back, you can see the extent of the footprint, and the emormous pump appearing out of nowhere.

Two members of the PWay gang, returning to the mess coach after a wet morning on the Winchcombe relay, peer through the fence to see what is coming.

Several steps back further still, and the big concrete pump makes a big arch through the sky in its bid to reach the furthest trench, along the platform side.

There's more rain in those heavy clouds hanging on the Cotswolds edge in the background.

Today, the huge steel structure is fully assembled, and you get a good impression of what the new Elf centre will look like.

This picture was taken at the same time, looking from the platform. The floor is about to go in.

Our plucky little B&S gang has not sat still, but they are shy creatures and you have to be quick to get a photograph of them.

Here they have been digging a trench for an electrical conduit from the booking offic at Winchcombe, over ot the weighbridge house. This will be opened to visitors when it's finished.

The booking office roof was also waterproofed. This was quite a long job, involving scaffolding and a completely new membrane, as well as repairs to the ceiling inside.

Today they were repairing the roof of their own shed in the yard - well, no one wants to sit under a leaky roof. Inside, amongst other things, they are making the running in board for Hayles Abbey halt. They've had to buy a new backing sheet as the first one, unexpectedly, proved to be too small for all the letters. It is a much bigger sign, once the letters are all laid out, and of course there are no measurements from an original to work from. Should look great when it's finished, with its replica cast letters. The hayles guys would like to open for the May gala, so fingers crossed.


  1. The 'Elf centre' goods shed is a lot larger than it seemed to look on the plans! It's massive, and will look wonderful when complete. I too look forward to seeing Hayles Abbey halt open, after aqll the good work that has been done in, sometimes very inclement weather. Some sort of award must surely be given for that. Regards, Paul.

  2. Everyone seems to agree it looks hugh. We await the end result with interest.

  3. Whatever the size, this will be another great addition to the line and a testament to the work done by volunteers. As for the elves, they seem to have approved the work already by letting the B&S team lay the power down already, Strange we never see them, only the work they have done!!
    Paul & Marion.

  4. I,visited the Railway,last Sunday!.I,stopped off,at Winchcombe,for an hour,or so!.I,commented to one of the station staff,about the size or the steel frame,of the new Elf Centre building!.He said,that they didn't think,it was going to be,that large!.As long as it,looks like a goods shed,I,think it'll be OK!. Anthony.

  5. Any further news and pictures of progress on the elf centre/goods shed? or have all the elves gone into hibernation? hear from you soon.
    Paul & Marion.