Thursday, 18 July 2019

The completed fence

The day started slowly due to a meeting about H&S first thing. Much driving by our main photographer Jim H mean that we only have a limited selection of pictures to show you, all on further work on the fence panels mounted last week.

Jim H and Roger did two round trips to deliver the C&M scaffold tower bits to the CRC booking office, where it will be used for their next job, which is to repaint the overhanging canopy.

During this time Mike painted the fence panels in undercoat, and after lunch Jim took over, as you can see in this picture.

After his trips in the Transit with Jim H, Roger continued with grouting the slabs on P2, and others carried out a general tidying up of the whole area, including the re-distribution of some spoil

Fence panels installed, seen from the inside.
New fence panels, seen from the race course side, with Jim applying undercoat in the distance.
A final shot of the new fence panels, looking south along the footpath from the level crossing.
Rob took the 4 pictures, as our usual correspondent was busy painting (or attending H&S meetings, or driving the Transit around).

The final trip with the Transit was to recover the Heras fencing panels that used to surround the fencing site, as well as their feet. They just managed to squeeze on to the back.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

The panels go in at last.

An extra shift for our correspondent on Saturday means more pictures for the blog. Here's what the team did that day:

In the workshop at Winchcombe two items were being manufactured by Barrie.

This one is a storage box for a disabled ramp. Although big and boxy they do hide the very modern yellow ramp when it's out on the platform. The buggies used are getting bigger and bigger.
The second item being made is a new running in board. It's destination was not known to the blogging team, although we do know that Hayles Abbey was crumbling (if you know what we mean) and the remains of Toddington were seen in a skip by the loco shed. The previous use of low quality plywood lies at the root of this.
Then, on to CRC. Here preparations for the future fence continued. The time is near for hanging the gates and panels!

Ken tamping concrete on the last post.
Heights of two posts being set by Ken (rear) and Rob.

Rob & John top up with Tarmac infill
Concrete infill of penultimate post


On the platform itself Roger continued with the long and slow job of grouting the new slabs along P2.

In the foreground you can see what a neat job he has done. He was helped after lunch by Ken, kneeling in the picture.

Wednesday, the big day.

It was that big day we had all been waiting for, the day the fence panels and gates were finally lifted into position.

The panels were lifted out of their storage area one by one, with Pete on the mini digger.

Each panel was then slowly walked over to its place in the fence, steadied by two members of the team.

Nearly there - a panel is swung round, and is steadied by two volunteers on ropes. Note the locating jig on the top right. They've given this some thought, evidently.
And here's the first panel going in, at the southern end of the fence. The panels are made of wrought iron and steel, so are quite heavy and hence the need for mechanical help.

Once a panel had been hung on each side of the two gate posts, it was decided to lift in the gates.

Here is the first one arriving. The spearhead gates are made in house, using parts available commercially, and assembled by a member of the Broadway maintenance gang. 

If this appeals to other GWR railways, we can pass on the details of the supplier of the spears.
(breva2011 at

The first gate was hung without problems, but turned out to be on the wrong side. Who knew?

The first gate was then hung a second time, this time on the right hand side, and the second gate hung on the left, as in the picture.

Here is a view of the job almost completed, seen from the railway side. It does look very professional. Check out how the panels drop bit by bit as the terrain falls away. This will have been considered when the posts were planted, hence the use of the laser level. Very clever.

This is the view from the race course side. A couple of smaller panels remain to be fitted. Mike R was painting, but managed to avoid the prying camera.

The team consisted of Pete, Rob, John, Jim H, Mike R and Barrie.

In other news the mini digger was used to load approximately 4 tons of material and two return trips were made to Stanton where it was discharged for use by our lineside drainage colleagues. We all help each other.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

That fence again

After a slow start due to a meeting, the gang met again at CRC to continue with the work on the fence and gate at the northern end.

This picture by Roger shows the line of fence posts now in situ, as well as one of the former Broadway gate posts.

Here, in front of the corrugated iron hut rescued by a supporter (ahem...) from Pebworth (and before that believed to have stood at Evesham) Mike is working on one of the home made fence posts.

This is in preparation for the brackets which will be welded on.

Merit award for the volunteer with the most persistence and determination goes to Roger, who is filling in the cracks on P2 between the concrete slabs laid when the new platform was erected. Just 199m to go, Roger.

The grouting was meant to have been done with a special mastic, which was however never completed when the platform was built.

A pleasure while working at Cheltenham is always the appearance of a passenger train, here in the form of 7903 Foremarke Hall, back from Didcot.

By the cast iron gate posts Mike R was painting away in drab grey undercoat, ready for a touch of dark stone on top.

Rob and Phil in action with the auger.
Phil on the motor powered auger.

The line of fence posts at close of play.

Only 2 more to do and then the fence panels can go in!

Last week there was no blog post, and our correspondent wishes to make it known that he was on a short holiday, and has also 'looked over the fence'  Here is a short overview of his findings.

The visit was to the EVR, Barrow Hill Roundhouse, Crich Tram Museum and the Churnet Valley Railway.

Judging by the photographs, Barrow Hill made the greatest impression...

D213 at Barrow Hill.

D 9015 at Barrow Hill.

General view inside the Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

41708 at Barrow Hill

Assorted locos at Barrow Hill, including 89001

MR 1000 at Barrow Hill
78018 on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway (not trapped in snow at Bleath Gill)

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Six in action

Six members of the C&M gang were in action at CRC again on Wednesday, as they continued with the concreting of the gate posts. They also managed to fix a second fence post.

On arrival in the company Transit John, Rob and Jim M set up the concrete mixing station.

The concrete will be used to complete the foundations of the two cast iron gate posts.

With all the wet weather we've been having - Wednesday, exceptionally, was a dry day for once - the gang had to pump out the water first that had collected at the bottom of the two posts.

This is post No. 1 after removal of the rain water.

The second post wasn't too bad, with just a puddle in the corner.

Signed by:
Nice and smooth

After filling in with concrete, post No. 1 was completed and Rob trowelled the surface smooth. It was then too tempting not to write something on top!

A start was then made on the second post, with concrete filled in to the top.

Rob did a nice fine smoothing off job on the second post base as well. In the background you can see the new race course stand.

Postcrete is added to the foundation
John & Pete line up the second fence post

Meanwhile, John and Pete were working on the second of the posts that will hold up the fence panels.

The gang also moved the Heras fencing in preparation for augering the fence post holes heading towards the barrow crossing at the SB.  Mike R did some grass trimming along the fence post line and also applied primer to the post brackets and fence panels where this had been missed while they were stored at Winchcombe.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Both posts

First a shot in the workshop of Mike painting the frame for a new door made by Barry for the storeroom on P2 at Toddington.

Here is the door painted up.

Again most of the action out on the road was at Cheltenham with a team concreting the holes around the two gate posts. 

A start was also made on welding four brackets to each of the posts which will support the large and very heavy fence panels which will run outwards from the gates.

The two pictures above show Mike welding the brackets on to one of the fence posts.

Here is the first fence post installed, complete with 4 brackets (in the background, behind the gate post in the foreground)

Post No. 2 with concrete.
Post 1 has shuttering in place and the concrete is being tamped.
Rob was on tamping duty, and you see him here on post No. 1 and on the right with post No.  2. 

Soon we will be able to hang the actual fencing panels.

Post scriptum:

Three more pictures have become available of the day:

The top one shows the entire team in action at CRC, while the other two show the concrete poured into the feet of the two cast iron posts from Broadway.