Friday, 18 March 2016

Away at the races

It's only 3.5 degrees, to cold for any block laying. There's an icy wind blowing from the north.

But hey, there are Race Trains !

Smoke curling from the signal box stove pipe, and a distant whistle, had yours truly racing for platform 2. The first had already gone, but the second was right behind.

Dinmore Manor coasted into the station, slowing to pick up the new token from the signalman.

With the token safely on board, time to open the regulator again. They're not stopping here, it's a special.

This gives us the unusual view of a train under power accelerating through Winchcombe.

This shot was almost spoiled by a phenomenon well known to the railway photographer. You set up your shot, no one's about, it's a perfect scene. Nothing can go wrong now. Then, at the very last minute, the unpredictable arrives - a man with a lawnmower emerges on the opposite platform! Argggggghhhhh!

Lawnmowerman is safely hidden behind the loco...

... which powers away towards Greet tunnel. A fantastic moment, shared with a large number of happy race goers in a packed train. Nearly every table had a bottle of champagne on it, well done those roving Champagne sellers!

No news on the Hayles Abbey front this week. We are waiting for the site container to be delivered. The track has been tamped, so we are ready to start.

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