Friday, 6 October 2017

More wall work

The gang returned to Cheltenham Race Course to continue their work on the footpaths down from both platforms to the level crossing.

The new concrete roadway makes a fine pad on which you can park your Transit. Hope nobody comes along though.

Some of the guys were in action fitting the Winchcombe weighbridge with a new roof, while the larger part of the gang came to Cheltenham.

Here they spent some time adjusting the gates near the signal box, and then some preparatory work alongside the fence on the platform 1 side, where the second new footpath is going to be laid.

On platform 2 the plinth headers were being added to the low wall constructed last week.
This area of the newly constructed platform 2 now looks so much different from 2015.  All very modern and sensible. The remaining plinth headers have been laid out, but were found to be 16 short. Any more left over at Broadway?

Just to compare, we found this picture taken in July 2015. The B&S boys have done a great job here.
Midway through the day Elliotts arrived a bit unexpectedly to take away the excess spoil taken out of the old roadway before it was concreted in. It was loaded up and taken to Broadway to be used as infill for their platform 1 closure at the south end of the building. 

John here is laying the plinth headers as far as they would go.

At the other end of the little wall Pete was applying the finishing touch by pointing up the brickwork.

A bit of site reinstatement might be nice here, with some grass seeding, and how about a pair of realistic replicas of cast iron GWR 'BEWARE of TRAINS' signs? Your blogger can arrange, as he's about to place an order for a set for Broadway's barrow crossings.


  1. All looks very good and believable as being extant! (Good word there, EXTANT, for a Friday). I know I have asked this before but... Is there any chance that a pair of real level crossing gates could be sourced or created to put the finishing touch to the crossing? Regards, Paul.

  2. We would also agree with St. Blazey, a pair of level crossing gates would really look good here! We can but dream can't we?
    Jo, what would the cost be? Maybe we and Paul above could start a fundraiser special for this? He in St. Blazey and us in Milton Keynes surely we could get others involved? What say you Blog readers out there?
    Paul & Marion

    1. I may know of a wheel operated set of gates... they don't go with the box though.

    2. If you want it badly enough, and can fund it, then it will undoubtedly happen if the skills & knowledge of the GWSR workforce are anything to go by! If a fundraiser were to be started, I'd chip in. However, there is much to do on Broadway Station first so diverting financial attention by the starting of another fundraiser might need to wait until say 2019.

    3. Fair enough Toddingtonted, so what say we wait 'til then and make a start? You're right about Broadway Station though, this does have to be finished first though!
      Paul & Marion.