Friday, 22 December 2017

The fence goes up

With the snow gone again the B&S gang leapt back into action at Winchcombe. Time to attack that anti dog fouling fence!

Hey! I can hardly bend over here. Stop pushing!

There were 6 in the gang today, although Pete wasn't always there as he was in high level discussions about some support that might be provided to another project - watch this space!

The ground at Winchcombe is now nice and soft, so it's a good time to get in those posts.

The temporary fencing they put up to give themselves some space is not working that well. The car owners are fighting (pushing) back.

With the first couple of posts in the first fence panel manufactured by Pat can be trial fitted.

What do you think?

The tops of the posts will be cut off once the concrete has set.

Planting the posts slowed down a little when not all of the ground proved to be nice and soft - the Kango hammer had to come out to achieve a satisfactory depth.

Then you give the bottom of the hole a thorough poking with a bar.

Next to the fencing job, B&S are called up to please help with all sorts of other jobs. Can they decorate upstairs in the Elf centre? Can they also put up one side of the shelving there? It seems that a couple of interested parties already want to use the facility, and they are not going to wait forever.

After his high level discussions, Pete did manage to make a start on laying bricks to raise the neighbour's wall by the weighbridge. The bricks were very wet, so progress was a bit slow here. Patience, he'll get there. Mick painted one side of the weighbridge door and then got a coat of undercoat on the other, before joining the fencing gang in the car park. Here the painting required was in creosote.

During the day a total of six panels and their posts were installed, with the first one also creosoted.

They intend to put a 2 inch layer of concrete along the bottom, in that strip where the mower can't go.

This is the end of the day shot. Just three more to go until the corner. The photographer did ask for one of the other gang members to take a picture of him at work (he doesn't just stand around, this is a view that he wishes to dispel most firmly) but in the excitement the snapshot came out blurred. So no picture of Jim today.

The gang is now taking a week's holiday, then it's back to work on the third of January.



  1. Now all that needs to be done is some kerb stones to stop the cars touching the fence, (strains of Flanders & Swann, to the tune of "it was on the Monday morning the gas man came to call") Never the less another project completed (almost) so off to a well earned break. We would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, thank you all for your efforts this year.
    Paul & Marion

  2. The fence does look the part. To stop the cars encroaching on the pavement, you could take a tip fro Spain and concrete vertical metal posts just inside the pavement side, say, at every 4' intervals. That will do it! That or there will be a lot of cars with bent/broken bumpers!!
    Anyway, a well deserved Christmas ad New Years break. Feet up, and telly on, (time to look at those DVDs of other railways that were bought/given and you never had tie to watch!). Or even try out your Christmas presents. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thanks for all the blogs. Regards, Paul.