Monday, 19 February 2018

Beautiful loos

Just a quick picture report today - a picture speaks a thousand words.

The B&S plumbing team was busy in the Broadway toilets again today, and sent us this series of photographs for you to enjoy:

The end of a row of 5 toilets in the Ladies. The corner will be a small cupboard.

The same row in the Gents, who will have only two toilets, the planned third one having been offered up last minute for a cleaner's sink.

The Gents will have these three wash basins, with legs, all beautifully plumbed in with copper piping. Quality British plumbing still exists !

The Ladies will have 4 sinks, according to the plans. Pipework still ongoing here.

The Disabled toilet has the same heritage quarry tile floor and brick shaped wall tiles, but the fittings are a modern, compliant kit bought as a package. The handrails are dark blue.

Outside the slabs under the canopy have been completed, including the entrance to the Ladies in the LH corner here. The platform is now very useable looking, really impressive slabbing work here. Wainscotting in the Booking Hall was completed and work was going on fitting the skirting boards. There was talk of fitting picture rails too, a nice touch.
The granite kerbs on the forecourt have passed the main door, where they dipped briefly to allow wheeled access.
Extra hours are being put in by everyone in the Broadway gang, a heroic effort to get the station useable for the opening, which is marching towards us with giant steps.


  1. When the station is completed it HAS to win an award.

  2. How is the copper piping going to be finished? Brassoed and then lacquered perhaps? Could always be painted to make it look like plastic! Seriously, looking very good but there still looks a ton of work to do before the end of March.

  3. Should have said 'the opening which is "MARCH"-ing towards us'.
    Seriously, all the loos are looking wonderful.
    I take it that the disabled toilet will get sink!
    Very well fitted out.
    Regards, Paul.

  4. Thank you so much for the update.
    It's hard to believe now that the station building was once a simple steel frame on a concrete base. The platform walls had been built. The signal box had been built. And that was about all, as I recall, apart from the red GPO telephone box (now relocated) adjacent to what was called Platform 1A. Before then, the site was reverting to Nature, the main feature being the iconic pine trees. And that was it ! And now look at it !

    Seeing what as been done over the years, there is nothing adequate to say. It's simply amazing.

    And now to business.

    Today is 20 February. One week of February left. You really don't have very much time left, gentlemen !

    Good luck to you all.


  5. GO BUILDING SERVICES GO!!! No you don't need cheering on, you all just get on with it despite the weather! Some really good work going on at Broadway by you all, we can't wait to see it in the flesh, we are quite sure you will get it ready in time. Well done,
    Paul & Marion

  6. What a splendid sight!

    Brilliant toilets abounding. My part time job involves cleaning the same so I am casting a professional eye over the plumbing.

    And we even get copper pipes! Wow!

    To think there was nothing at Broadway save the pine trees. Just look at it now.
    I hope there will be tight security arrangements in the station area as BY actually suffers from quite a lot of petty crime.

    What was that about the Devil finding work for idle hands?