Thursday, 11 October 2018

Spearhead and gates

A brief update of work yesterday; brief due to a meeting during the morning.

Nonetheless we have some interesting photographs for you of spearhead fencing about to go in at the north end of CRC.

Five panels have been newly manufactured by a volunteer and were delivered on Wednesday. In the picture they are on a pallet as unloaded, but lying down like this painting wasn't possible.

As the PWay gang as working in the yard across the tracks they were asked if they would stand the panels upright with the Telehandler.

This they did, so that painting could start.

The 5 panels had to be manoeuvered around a bit during painting, and this confirmed just how heavy they are. These panels are taller than the usual spearhead fencing seen along platforms.

To go with the spearhead fencing panels a new set of gates was also manufactured by the same volunteer. This was made possible by the experience gained from making our own panels for Broadway.

The gates are even heavier than the plain fencing panels! At the end of the day they had been turned, so that both sides are now in white primer.

The new spearhead gate posts will be hung from the cast iron gate posts removed from the drive at Broadway.

A picture from the past - Here are the same gate posts still in situ at Broadway. The wooden gates were cut down and used by the visitor centre at Winchcombe.

In the C&M shed at Winchcombe the running in board is getting a refurb and it is seen here at the back, waiting for new 12 inch letters. These will be in cast Aluminium as pioneered by Broadway, replacing previously used plywood which soon delaminated.

In the foreground is one of two panels for a new modesty screen to be installed by the gents toilet at CRC. By the end of the day one had been painted in gloss brown.


  1. The new fence panels DO look heavy indeed. Also very nice too.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. A fine and informative blog, brilliant job the spear fencing.