Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Brick laying starts

We have found some pictures of the work going on at Winchcombe, with thanks to Peter Muir.

This report gives the situation as of Saturday. In the picture above we can see a growing pile of new bricks, which have been shuttled over from a supply of 11 pallets at Broadway that had been donated to BAG, and that were now surplus to requirements. The final 2 collecting trips were made on Monday. We do help each other, and it was nice to see the B&S guys at Broadway and get a friendly wave.

Saturday was a dry day and the team decided not to miss the opportunity to start the brick laying itself, the slope having finally been freed of its reluctant concrete sleeper ends.

Here we can see the slope being levelled out.The team commenced with rebuilding the slope area, as this had been levelled into steps in short sections. However, it soon emerged that the wall was not only concave lengthwise, but also vertically.
After several checking measurements it was decided to build a pyramid  section and then align the rows to it. This did the trick, but obviously there is still some misalignment,  but it is not so noticeable to the naked eye.

With the coming and going of the Santa specials some delays where encountered, but with some back filling also done progress for the day was deemed acceptable.

A final view down the new length of platform shows how the new wall is rising out of the old.

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