Friday, 4 December 2015

Reluctant corbels

We have an update, but due to technical problems, no pictures this time. Transmission of pictures from site to blog is proving problematical.

So a written update this time, which covers last Saturday and Wednesday.

Saturday being dark and damp with rain at times, we only managed to remove half of the platform slope's top layer of short concrete capping sleepers .
What didn't help was the breakdown of the small Kango we were using.
We managed to get into a sequence of removing them which was continued on Wednesday .
With more bodies and a new small Kango the rest of the capping sleepers where removed by lunch time, so the slope is now clear for rebuilding.
What held up the progress was one sleeper at the bottom of the slope which was very firmly attached to a large lump of concrete, and despite much cutting of the concrete it refused to budge.

The facing wall was attacked to remove the sloping edges and is now ready for brick laying to begin.
Much preparatory work was also done to get items into place ready for next Wednesday so the rebuild can begin ( that's if we can't start on Saturday ). Another two van loads of bricks were also recovered from Broadway, leaving two pallets still to go.

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