Thursday, 16 June 2016

Another picture of hayles

A quick visit to the site, to deliver a spare shovel and some chairs for the guys to have their lunch break on. Not much fun eating your snap standing up.

At the end of Monday the team had almost fully set out the site, with a row of blocks at intervals to indicate the line to be taken.
There's just a couple more to do at the far end by the bridge. The location of the halt has been brought forward a few feet so as to avoid locos standing with their chimneys under the bridge.

Towards the Toddington end time was found to construct a tower as well. However, the first build will be a line of blocks all the way along, as we will be drilling through these into the foundations to insert a row of rebars. This will resist any push from the infill.

Talking of which...
.... some useful infill was trundled down from Toddington yesterday, part of what was removed when the turnout for the loading spur was relocated (the current PWay job). For infill this is just the sort of material that is wanted.

The next working day is this coming Monday. Neal will be leading the team that day, so please come down and give him a hand.

Bring your own lunch - ample seating will be provided :-)


  1. why drill rebar into the foundations we haven't done that at Winchcombe seems to be overkill

  2. I think it is better to have "overkill" than have problems later that could be harder to resolve.The volunteers are doing things right for the future and with all the water problems in the area causing the ground to move it does seem right to do this. Only my thoughts on this!