Monday, 27 June 2016

Block work accelerates

We're really getting into our stride now! No fewer than 72 blocks were laid today, as against the 48 on Friday. Work seems to be settling down to two days a week, Mondays and Fridays.

Could it be that the boost in our productivity is accounted for by our new recruit? Here is Jim H on the right, and what made the difference is that, with Tim on the left, a second block laying team was able to work and considerably increase the output. Welcome to the Hayles gang, Jim!

Here on the northern end the slope was defined, giving us the height on which the corbelling will be laid. Still need to infill the blocks with concrete though, that will be quite a job for the mixer and barrows.

Jim G is beavering away in the middle, and receiving instructions from both Neal and Paul. Let's hope they said the same thing.

A little further south, Tim was pointing up the first row of blocks laid today, while Neal was generating a lot of dust at the far end.

Neal had brought a powerful angle grinder, and is here finishing off the slope. Most of the blocks on this section were cut to size by him earlier.

When the dust had settled, it was a good opportunity to sit back, take 5 and admire your hard work. It was a hot day, and we all ended up with bright red faces as a result.
In the foreground is the start of the opening around the drainage catch pit. This will be completed next time.

This view from the road bridge gives a good overview of the site. At the top end, the blockwork is final; further towards the camera, where Dave is working, the blocks have only been laid out, but not yet set in mortar. However, two towers have been built, allowing the rest to be infilled easily the next time round. A substantial stack of blocks yet to be laid awaits at the southern end.

The number of volunteers today was such that the chairs earmarked for the teabreak were insufficient, and 3 more have been borrowed. Let's hope 8 will be enough next time. We hope the doughnut supply is also adjusted accordingly!

The end of the day shot shows how far we have got - up the slope, and along a bit. Don't forget that a second row of blocks also has to be laid behind the first, which is not so obvious. Paul and Dave are working on this second row in the picture.

Finally, three happy bunnies were caught today:

Yes, that hanky is to wipe the sweat off our brows. . .

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