Monday, 3 April 2017

The floor goes in

A concrete block all has been built at the rear, car park side, and last week the floor went in to the new building.

The floor at platform level.

Lots of concrete and steel. A second floor is also prepared.

On Sunday, the diesel service hauled by the green class 37 enters Winchcombe station.

Note the new, short signals and the repeaters at the platform ends.

Speaking to a few volunteers, the green class 37 seems to be quite well respected.  We can see why, with its immaculate paintowork, shiny metalwork and appropriate rake of coaches. Like a vintage car, but much bigger. Well done, the diesel guys!

You like GWR steam too? Well, here is the crossing train, setting off from the just released signal as Dinmore enters platform 1.


  1. Yes, the new goods shed is looking very good. It sure does seem big! The pictures of the class 37 pulling the maroon rake look very nice, especially in the sunshine. Regards, Paul.

  2. That sure is big but don't worry it will soon "shrink" on being fitted out, have you noticed that there are no workers in the pictures? Is it because the elves don't like to be photographed out of season?
    Paul & Marion.