Thursday, 24 August 2017

Back to CRC

Another busy day was spent at CRC yesterday, working on the level crossing by the signal box.

Lining out
The first slabs go in

Some edging slabs were laid to mark the footpath line from platform 2 on to the level crossing.

Here it is completed at the end of the day, and now waiting for a topping off.

On the other side a similar path was prepared:

This one is for the signalman, for when he comes out of the box (door top right) and walks along the new path, over the crossing and on to platform 1 to exchange the tokens.

They then dug a hole - B&S like digging holes - and you can see them here with their arms well down it. It needed a good going over with the Hilti to get through the rubble in the ground.

This is for a new gate restraining post...

... which you can see here in situ, being fitted with a catch.

It gets windy round here, and we don't want the gate blowing about with all the people using the crossing.

Finally the gang dug a trench along the Malvern side of the new footpath leading from platform 2.

This is where a small retaining wall will be built to hold back the earth on the left, a lump of ground where the mess hut from the CRC2 platform construction team used to stand.

Happy were the days when we sat there drinking tea on this hump outside the mess hut, watching the activity of locos running round.

Lastly, a look at the weighbridge hut mentioned in the last blog post. You can see here that the roof is having some serious renewal being done to it to kick out the woodworm found there.

On the left are three large Grundon bins, and an authentic type solution is being worked on so that they are removed from the public eye. Plastic wheelie bins is not what we are about. More news on  that shortly we hope, in what could be a fun little project.


  1. Glad to see the progress on the crossing, hopefully I will be able to park my motorbike outside the 'box again, when next on duty! Nigel S

  2. Would be wonderful to have a pair of real level crossing gates to round it off, if that's possible. Whether the signal box has the requisite spare levers and interlocking is another question. Looks good, however, and will be less muddy. Regards, Paul.

  3. I am with St.Blazey on this, with the amazing work carried out by the various departments, after all, if they can build a Halt and a new station, surely a pair of gates will be no problem? can we try to "cloud fund" this idea? would the various departments be prepared to do the work if the materials are purchased? Just a thought...
    so great work there every one.
    Paul & Marion