Thursday, 31 August 2017

More work at CRC

Yesterday 5 members of the B&S gang were back at the level crossing to progress the surface on the Malvern side.

The pathway from the end of platform 2 to the level crossing itself is now complete, and very neat it looks too.

Next, the bit of path right outside the signal box door was laid with its final surface of concrete, after installing a drain as well.

With that bit slowly going off, the team turned towards the crossing again, to start the path from the crossing to the signal box. Thanks to the edging stones laid last week, they can get this nice and level.

Off camera, a B&S member is mixing copious quantities of concrete, as the path gets longer and longer.

Finally, at the end of the day, the path reaches the connection to the door. Just a small panel left to do now. They didn't do the whole lot, because otherwise the signalman would be trapped inside his box. Can't have that.

A start was also made in digging a hole for another restraining post.

Next week then they will complete the far end of the signalman's walkway, as well as the central section (here on the left) for vehicle traffic. This will require a large readymix load of concrete.


  1. Looking very tidy there, all it needs is the proper crossing gates (we can dream can't we?)good work with the concrete.
    Paul & Marion

  2. Yes. Very tidy, and that should stop some of the mud! (Signalmen hate mud on the box floor). Now for a token catcher........ Regards, Paul.