Sunday, 24 September 2017

Preparing for a wall

The following week (after the last blog post) the B&S gang returned to CRC to cast the foundations for a retaining wall along the footpath from the new platform 2.

Here they are loading up the truck with the kit and materials at Winchcombe, before setting off for Cheltenham to start the job.

Conrete blocks, cement, wheelbarrows, a mixer, it all has to be shifted down to the far end of the line.

Two guys stayed behind in the workshop to work further on some benches and fence panels.

This is the path that leads off platform 2. It has to skirt round a signal post, hence the 'S' bend. On the left is a higher area on which the CRC2 construction team had their mess room container (happy days eating mini swiss rolls in the sun here!) and this falls away rather sharpish on to the new path below.

Phil strikes water

To address the sharp drop, a retaining wall is being built here. A trench was dug out on the left, and then the mixer was swung into action to fill it with concrete for a base.

Meanwhile, Pete delivered a door to the CRC station group. This will be used in a shelter to be placed at the end of the path here.

Here is the concrete being tipped into the trench.  On the right is the trench, now equipped with the foundation for the wall.
How come the guys are wearing waterproofs, when it seems to be sunny? In fact some heavy showers came down between shots, and they ended they day working in wet clothing. All part of the job.

The end of the day shot. Now you can see that it's been wet. The concrete blocks are stacked neatly on the right. They will be used to build the wall, which will then be faced with bricks and topped off with a row of queen bricks. About two thirds of the trench was filled on the day, one third still to go (and the brick laying!)

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