Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Concrete goes in

Due to holidays, a bit of a 'late finish' to this post relating to work on September 6th, but the B&S gang doesn't sit still!

The first job of the day was to remove the two gate posts on the field side, and to rehang the gate so that it opens the other way.
In the foreground is the reinforcement netting in the roadway, which was due to be concreted in later in the day.

A restraining post for the gate was also installed.
Holes were then dug to install longer posts for a pair of gates which will go across the newly laid path off platform 2.
Finally, on the gate post side of the day's business, posts were installed ready for a fence between the gates and the field.

At lunch time the ready mixed concrete lorry arried, leaving the gang a 20 minute window to get it unloaded.
This crossing sees quite a bit of traffic on special days, so a sound base to resist deterioration by the many vehicles is needed here.

The paths left and right have already been finished, so now it's just the middle, with its reinforcement matting, that needs filling in.

With the concrete in, a length of timber is used to level it off.

Minutes later, four and a half cubic metres of concrete are in place, and the B&S gang review the fruits of the labour. Not forgetting Jim, who took the pictures today.

This closing shot at the end of the day shows what was done today. Concrete roadway gone in, gate rehung, posts installed for a gate off the path from the newly rebuilt platform 2. Quite a nice little list of jobs for a day.

More in the next instalment.

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