Thursday, 2 November 2017


B&S activities were concentrated on the weighbridge hut at Winchcombe yesterday

Since the last posting all the tile supporting woodwork has been fitted.

On top of this are two layers of waterproof sheeting and then finally the battens that support the slates.

The rear of the building has had new slates fitted, with the last ones being put into place today.

This looks like a very professional job by our little team.

On the forecourt side the first rows of tiles were laid. These are the best of the originals, not all of which were still useable.

At the end of the day they had reached the fourth row here.

To complete the roof repair, Pete got some black mortar and repointed the two ends.

Inside the building Barry fitted vertical timber to the two sides where the roof timbers meet the brickwork.
It's really good to see this building, one of the few originals still standing on the railway, getting a bit of love, care and attention. It's in good hands now.

Finally, a small team did further fencing work adjacent to the new Elf Centre.

All the fence posts for this job are now in, and the cobbles, (or sets, as some call the stones) can be laid next time.

Originally the GWR fencing along here would have been spearhead, as is now being installed at Broadway.

No doubt with a sponsor we could afford the real thing at Winchcombe one day.

An interesting activity in the Winchcombe yard yesterday was the loading of this brake van.

It is in 'as found' condition, and will need a fair amount of work doing to it to get it running again.

Once safely extracted from the siding by the gate the van was loaded on to the trailer, which could then be hitched on to the tractor unit.

We heard that it is the first of three brake vans to move to a new home.

These vehicles are all privately owned. 
Eventually we hope that the yard can be cleared of surplus private stock, so that more coordinated redevelopment for it can be made. Some of the stock there is in dire condition, so it's good that someone is taking an interest in it at last.

Here is the brake van loaded and ready to go.


  1. Where and when the GWR brake van saw its last service is anyone's guess. The wooden fencing would be good GWR practice if only the tops of the palings were chevron shaped. Hope the fence will be painted in light stone. Regards, Paul.

  2. An extremely well done renovation by the team, the care and attention to detail is wonderful to see. It makes some of the programmes on TV about restoration seem like set dressing, yours is a full on roof restoration to the highest standard, well done the small team there. Also thanks for the pictures of the waggon movements, its good to see that some are moving away to get some TLC elsewhere, it does seem though that no one seems to report these movements in the blog pages unless they are caught by people like yourself at the time of doing another blog report on a project! Again, many thanks for the update on this small but important project, we look forward to having a closer look at it when we next visit.
    Paul & Marion.