Thursday, 23 November 2017

Two gangs today

Your correspondent Jim was sent to Coventry today (er, does that mean Cheltenham Race Course?) where he joined a small but happy gang preparing the new path from platform 1 down to the level crossing.

The recently fitted gates on P2 needed adjusting first, and then the next job was to replace a short section of fencing along P1, which we can see Barry doing here.

A gate restraint was also fitted to the field side.

The next job was to prepare the path down to the crossing so that it could be tarmaced.

The edging timber needed completing along the path, and in this picture you can see Jim cutting a straight edge so that the new tarmac can join the old in a seamless fashion.

The old footpath then had to be dug out and levelled ready for the new tarmac. As it was a bit reluctant to give up its rocks and stone a Kango had to be used to prise out the hard bits. The two ends of the path were then filled with 2 dumpy bags of stone, as can be seen in the pictures below.

These two pictures show the CRC job at the end of the day. Once tarmaced, people can use the two paths each end of the platforms to go from one to the other via the level crossing.

Meanwhile, back at the farm....

Three other B&S members continued work on the weighbridge house. All walls and the ceiling are now painted, as well as further parts of the windows, which were also sealed where required.

The neighbour got a new trellis in the back garden too.

Some rotten wood was removed from the door frame. To do this, Pete had to remove a number of bricks, which he can be seen doing here. He put them all back in again too.
Apologies for the blurred image, it's the excitement, it's the excitement.

Here's that length of turf which some visitors misidentify as a dog toilet. You can see where the new fence is going to go, along the kerb. To get the fence posts into the ground you need the Kango to take out some of the concrete, and this was in use at CRC (as you know) so that's a job for next time.

On Saturday a start was also made on the granite setts by the visitor centre.

Down on platform 1, lengthened earlier in the year, the additional lamp post - a replica GWR casting which you can order from us via breva2011 (at) - is finally fitted out completely. It has been painted in the later GWR period chocolate and cream, and received a new top with lightbulb. Does it work? You'll have to come round one evening and look.

Finally we caught three of the B&S gang having a convivial tea break by the Coffeepot.

Coffepot closed? No matter, we'll have just as much fun on the platform. Here's a big 'Hello' to you from Pete and 2 of the gang. Let's see what adventures they had next time.


  1. CRC is looking better and safer with the new fencing. However, I still feel that a proper level crossing with the standard white gates interlocked from the box would be the REAL business. Does anyone agree, or am I being pedantic?
    The weighbridge hut continues to look better and better. Has anyone come to a plan as to whether to fit it out as a real weighbridge? (Imperial units of course).
    All in all a productive day. Regards, Paul.

    1. You're being pedantic (no change there then). CRC never had crossing gates and it didn't have a signal box like the current one either. However, we are where we are as they say. That said, a pair of gates could be funded and I'd help fund them but NOT until after Broadway Station is reopened next year.

    2. Think you might be right about these gates Paul, you've mentioned it before. They would look good but I appreciate that getting Broadway established is the absolute priority. Understand what you mean though.

  2. We are with St.Blazey, although not correct for the site it would look the part and as with Toddington Ted, yes we will help raise funds for this but not until Broadway is completed. There is only so much the volunteers can do after all and Broadway is at the top of the list for now! Again we can't wait for our next visit to the line to see what has changed and been improved. Also the weighbridge needs to be kept imperial and it would be nice if it will work, but that could be for the future Well done to all for the work done so well. Now can they come and sort out my brick wall round the front garden?(LOL).
    Paul & Marion

    1. The weighbridge is in full working order and was inspected earlier this year by an ex employee of the company it came from and he said it was the best he'd seen in years
      Cheers Pete d b/s dept