Thursday, 15 March 2018

Activity at Winchcombe

The gang was busy at Winchcombe yesterday, but did send the Fairview lorry up to Broadway with a GENTLEMEN sign, and the refurbished wooden platform bench that is now near the north end of the canopy.

Anyone that wants to move that 100 year old bench by lifting it with the armrests - don't. They come off. Lift from under the seat instead.

If anybody has any 4 inch GWR letters that they could let us have to complete the V boards we need at Broadway, we would be very interested to hear.

The smaller than usual gang, 6 today, worked on the anti dog fouling fence and the renewal of a gate at Winchcombe. Mike also raked and sowed grass seed on the area where the builders' container used to stand. Soon it will be nice and green again here.

After the seeding job, Mike went back to wire brushing and painting the large fence panels which came from Cheltenham, and which will eventually be installed as a boundary fence at Cheltenham opposite the signal box.

Bruce has made a pedestrian gate which he fitted adjacent to the main station building.  Back in the workshop he has started on a second similar gate for the opposite end of the station building.

Since the last report on the anti dog fouling fence, the fence has been completed adjacent to the car park.  Ken is pictured giving this a second coat of creosote.  He then coated Bruce's new gate.

The two white painted gates near the visitor centre are now in and here Barry is drilling the wall for a security bolt.

Mid morning P & O came through with the first At The Races special, always an exciting moment. The fireman is holding the token that he has just received from the signalman, who is walking back to his box.

Just prior to lunch Pete, Jim and Jim H concentrated on digging out holes for more fence posts by the visitor centre.

On the same spot but after lunch Barry could be seen fitting the rails and verticals to the posts dug in earlier.

In this last shot you can see a line of posts planted alongside the platform, and the raked over area now seeded with grass. The centre post has been made in such a way that it can be lifted out for access to this (now dog mess free) picnic area, and for special events.

Laying the granite kerbs at Broadway has reached the northern end of the building. The last few yards will be finished off when contractor's traffic has finished passing over their route.


  1. Monmouth sorry, Winchcombe does look nice in Spring.
    So much better with the fence adjacent to the pavement. I have a small dog but I always pick up her poos when we are out, why can't everybody? The fence looks railway anyway and blends in well.
    Broadway just gets better and better! Soon be open, thanks to the Herculean efforts of you all.
    Regards, Paul.

    1. Yes, Winchcombe is looking very nice, and thank you all for your great work. There's no end to it, is there ? A pity it's so cold !

      Carry on, gentlemen. We all rely on your brave efforts.


    2. Broadway will be open before Kenilworth’s new station!