Thursday, 5 April 2018


After a well deserved rest for a holiday the B&S blog is back with an update on fencing at Winchcombe.

The weather was pretty miserable yesterday, but the human turnout was good - 8 volunteers !

Here is Barry in the B&S workshop making up the last of 3 panels to complete the platform side of the fencing at Winchcombe.

On the platform itself, during a brief ray of sunshine, the fence posts were being fitted where the container used to stand.

Afterwards Barry reprofiled the tops of the posts.

Here the post fitting is completed, apart from making up some brackets to allow a panel to be lifted out easily during special events.

After fitting the fence panels, Ken started creosoting them, this time back in the rain.

Here he is a bit later, with the panels almost all black now.

The other job on this fencing project at Winchcombe was to put some concrete under the panels on the car parking side.

Some of the concreting involved standing in the rain in a big puddle, and then again there was a brief sunny interval and they could work in the sun. April showers, eh?

Here's a shot of the concreting underneath. It all looks very neat now. Note that all the concrete was mixed in the ballast dump some 250 yds away, and then barrowed to where it was wanted.

The team also had the chance to grab a picture of the new visitor centre from the inside.

This is the upstairs, set up for a conference. You can't get more modern than that!


  1. Great to see you are all back to work! The new visitor centre looks very posh! I think the car park needs to have "bump stops" near the fence to stop your hard work being nudged by the cars. Well done on your efforts.
    Paul & Marion

  2. hope you guys can help at Broadway to finish inside the café this summer .Your work at Winchcombe and Broadway is outstanding and the entrance with granite blocks and paving looked special john M.

  3. I agree about the "bump stops". That would stop the extra long vehicles from destroying the fence, as most people don't take much care when parking, whether they have proximity alarms or not! At least the dog walkers will have to take more responsibility for their pets now.
    Regards, Paul.