Thursday, 19 April 2018

Three jobs at once

The sunny weather brings out the teams, and so it was with B&S on Wednesday. Nine members attended, a very good turnout. Three different jobs were addressed, at Winchcombe, Toddington and Gotherington.

Toddington first:

This is a picture of the top of the drive at Toddington.

Pete, John and Jim H went to Toddington to install 3 tubular metal posts at the main site entrance.  These are to support some new Event Banners in a more prominent position than is currently done by fixing said banners to the railings.  

The job was not straightforward as they had to carefully expose a fibre optic cable first so as to avoid damaging it. 

In the background you can see the new houses that have been built opposite our entrance. A second, much larger housing project is also under way at Toddington.

Centre bracket
End bracket

Barry fitted the brackets made in C & W last week to facilitate the easy lift out of 2 fence panels adjacent to the platform at Winchcombe.

Barry also started on 3 of the 4 noticeboards that are required to announce the footpath closure near the aqueduct at Stanton.  This is leaking into the cutting it is designed to bridge, with a footpath on top.
The boards were primed by Mike.
Pat was making up more fencing panels in the workshop.  This particular one is for a section of the fence adjacent to the SB at Winchcombe.
Finally Austen, John and Jim H went to Gotherington to fit a sheet of metal on the crossing there to protect the wood from catching fire when steam locos stop in the platform.

Meanwhile Ken continued to creosote the fence at Winchcombe.
Lunch was held on an idyllic Winchcombe platform in fine company. It doesn't get any better than this !

1 comment:

  1. Nice to be out and about in good weather.
    The fencing looks good albeit devoid of its spear tops!
    The metal plate is a good idea. Many years ago when the SVR took control of Highley station, the crossing there had metal screwed to it and we didn't know why; just thought it was due to rotten sleepers!
    Regards, Paul.