Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Men in boots

Today was the day a big lorry load of concrete came.

The path from roadway to barrow crossing is a wide one and too big to be filled with hand mixed concrete (even with Jim shovelling!) so a lorry load was ordered.

Now you can see the reason for the boots, you have to get stuck right in there and get them dirty.

The lorry came just as they were about to have their coffee, so Mike was dispatched to get some on a tray and in this way the main gang could carry on with the raking.

The gang made good progress, aided by a special hole left for Austen to stand in and continue tamping.

The end was soon reached, and a very neat job it looks too.

At the close of play it was all in. The temptation to leave a Hollywood style handprint was resisted by yours truly, but it needed a lot of willpower. Somebody had also thought ahead, and brought a sleeved notice prohibiting those very same naughty thoughts.

While the concrete pour was going on, work continued behind the scenes on these post 1935 'shirt button' period bench ends.

Ken was creosoting again, and why not from the comfort of a garden chair?

At the back of the signal box this cable pit was investigated by Vaughan. It looked a little unfinished.

It was decided to give the pit an extra course of bricks, so that a lid could be fitted.

All that is needed now is to trim the result, and fit the lids next week.

Pete has gone off on a long 3 week holiday, but the gang won't be idle, as he has left a long list of jobs for the others to sort out. Penalties for those not yet done when he returns were not made public...


  1. The penalty for not finishing all jobs on Pete's list is the re-pointing of ALL the mortar joints on the viaduct. And there are quite a few, I've seen them!

  2. The concrete pathways do look good even though I am not a fan of concrete.
    Regards, Paul.

  3. Fan or not they make a big and much appreciated difference around the yard! Year many Thanks.