Thursday, 7 June 2018

The paths continue

A good nine volunteers today on a glorious, sunny day which made it a real pleasure to work at Winchcombe.

There were several different activities, the first of which was to barrow 20 of the newly collected slabs over to platform 2. Here Jim has received the go ahead to use the crossing. Note the immaculate covered GWR van in the background.

The 20 slabs were stacked on the other side for the time being, and are destined for a new path to the water treatment plant.

Back in the shed, Ken was busy repairing the concrete mixer, which was needed urgently to make the mix to finish off the path to the back end of the C&W workshop.

Jim was on the mixer then, off camera as the latter was firmly in his back pocket as he shoveled away.

Phil then tipped the result into the last panel of the rather complicated path to the C&W shed rear door.
It's a tricky manoeuvre to get the 100kg barrow up in the air, changing over from pulling at the handles to pushing, while the front wheel is trying to roll away with the load all the time.

Barry adjusting the gate catch to compensate for a slight drop
Phil tips the first load into the last panel

 Finally, when the last panel had been filled in, Austen and Phil leveled it off to a perfect finish.

And there we have it - job finished. Now to test the three planes with a marble, to see if it rolls from the road straight in through the door.

Next - the shuttering and reinforcement matting for the road to the barrow crossing.

It took quite a long time to get the shuttering correctly dug in to the right level, what with all the stones embedded in the ground.

It doesn't help if your colleagues keep running over it with heavy barrows either.

All finished.
Vaughan puts down the reinforcing mats.

At the end of the day the path to the barrow crossing was ready to receive the Readymix lorry.

Also not forgetting Mike on fence painting - why not in comfort - and also some initial preparation was undertaken to fit covers to a cable pit at the rear of the signal box (top of picture).

Lastly, a start was made on a footpath to run between the C&W shed and the new roadway.

The reward for the day was coffee under the canopy in front of the coffeepot.

Have you all got a platform ticket?
We noticed a very similar picture here showing the PWay gang - there is clearly something very attractive about a sociable chat here on a hot day.

Particularly when you can watch the blue King here glide in majestically. Just a few more days now, catch him quick !


  1. Now all is needed is white edging stones and infill with perfectly mown grass and you have - a second world war RAF station!
    Seriously, it looks very neat now. Well done to all the workers.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Thank you for the compliment re. the grey wagon.