Thursday, 12 July 2018

5 jobs

10 volunteers, and it was hot too. There were no fewer than 5 jobs on the go, so here they are in order:

Job No.1: Refelting the roof of the compressor shed. Better in the sun than in the pouring rain...

Jim H, Phil and John did this. It seemed to require a vast amount of space, as the PWay Landie had difficulty getting past.

Beep - beeeeeep !

First of all the old felt was stripped off.

A strip of new felt was laid on the roof, and the sticky stuff applied

The front strip was soon on, nice and smooth.

And then the second strip and, Hey Presto, a newly refelted compressor shed.

Enjoy, C&W !

Job No. 2: Installation of hand rails by the C&W shed entrance.

 Here the holes for the first post are being drilled.

Further up came the second post. These hand rails will come into their own when there is snow and ice.

The rear handrail was fitted in this picture, while the foremost one was drilled and the posts planted. More on this next time.

Job No. 3: A foundation for a small brick retaining wall was laid.

Here the bottom is prepared. It will run between the C&W storage container and their main entrance.

Here is the foundation completed, ready for brick laying next week.

The wall should also give those two drain covers a bit more meaning, rather than have them stick out of the ground as up to now.

Pete, John, Phil and Jim were on this, with Jim on the distant mixer and out of shot (sadly)

Job No. 4: Carpentry work

Barrie fitted the two new doors for Toddington signal box into their frames.

Afterwards, he and Bruce prepared the timber for the replacement Winchcombe running in board.

Job No. 5 - Fencing panel production. 


Mike and Ken worked on this production line.

25 of these panels are needed to renew the fence line along the car park at Toddington. Originally this would have been in GWR spearhead fencing.
 One completed panel is now on site, and 7 more await collection.

Finally, a photograph of the finished footpath leading to the gents by the C&W rear exit. This was done a week earlier, but due to camera failure there were no pictures. 

Must try harder.

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  1. Jo, no need to try harder, you are all doing a great job there, all the little jobs add up to the greater good!
    Paul & Marion