Thursday, 19 July 2018

At Toddington

Two teams today, one at Winchcombe, and one at Toddington, ten people in all. At Winchcombe Ken and Mike were making more wooden fence panels in the workshop, where Bruce was also working on the bench and the renewal of the Winchcombe running in board.

While Ken and Mike were manufacturing - they are about half way now - the second half of the team was starting to fix them to the long car park fence at Toddington.

Here John can be seen mounting the first panel.


By lunch time the first three panels were in place at the loco shed end.

More panels were fitted after lunch, and this shot shows the stretch of renewed paneling at the end of the day.

GWR spearhead fencing would look more authentic here, and last much longer, but needs must.

Mounting the paneling allowed your photographer to be in exactly the right place for this fine shot of 4270 rumbling into Toddington.

During the day, Barrie, John and Jim H took two replacement signal box locking room doors to Toddington, together with their frames. These two pictures show the doors being fitted. The SB windows also need to be replaced; that will be a job for the closed season as it requires scaffolding to be placed on the running line.

A manhole cover was also taken to Toddington. This will go behind the toilet block.

At Winchcombe Jim M completed the second of the handrails started last week, and made a start on the third one. In the picture the third one can be seen by the C&W workshop exit.

Phil, Mike and Pete continued with the brick retaining wall. This will run parallel to the roadway up to the C&W storage container just visible at the back, so that the area between the container, the wall and the roadway can be concreted. 

In the picture Phil adjusts the manhole cover for level.


It was hot again - now 6 weeks on the trot, what a brilliant summer - and the person working the hardest in the heat was Mike on the mixer.

No need to go to Benidorm for your tan, just come and volunteer a bit on the railway.

Eager beneficiaries of Mike's concrete were Pete and Phil, who started a first panel of concrete behind their new retaining wall, by the C&W main entrance.

Made any more yet, Mike?

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