Thursday, 30 August 2018

Fences, fences

Three groups out today, two at Toddington and two in the shed at Winchcombe.

Toddington 1

This is the result of the previous fence replacement, all new wood.

In order to further stabilise the wooden fence, it was decided to add grandfather posts.

Here are Rod and Terry installing one of the posts.
Grandfather posts are made of concrete and have holes for bolts in them. They give fence posts extra stability, and as they do not rot, they last longer in the ground level area where the decay usually occurs.

This photograph shows two of the grandfather posts in place, and in the foreground some of the Postmix that was used to fix them in the ground.

Toddington 2

The second team at Toddington was working on the renewal of the picket fence, which is now almost completed. They did the easy bit in earlier weeks; now they are up against the second hand book stall which is parked really close to the fence.

Pete, John, Jim H, Jim M, and Austen set up a little workshop on the 'Parlour Road' where the final two panels needed cutting to shape to cope with a change in the ground level.

This photograph shows how the ground dips away, and the second to last panel had to have a diagonal slash cut into it.

Jim M on the Kango

An area of ground also had to be broken up with a Kango to allow the fitting of a new post.

The new post was duly concreted in. Although the fence is now fully in place, another 4 posts need replacement as they are rotten at the base. That's a lot of hard work with the Kango and the mixer. The ground below is difficult to dig as it is full of debris.

In this last one you can see the final part of the job completed. The change in ground level by the concrete pad, and the proximity of the mobile bookshop are evident.


Here a new fenced compound is being constructed next to the Weighbridge hut. (an original from 1905).
The fence is being put up to hide the green Grundon bins, which otherwise detract from the GWR atmosphere we are trying to achieve.

It looks like another 8 panels are needed to finish this one off.

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