Thursday, 9 August 2018

Whiffy Toddington

Almost all of the gang of 11 worked at Toddington today, with just one volunteer beavering away in the workshop.

By the car park at Toddington work continued replacing 25 fencing panels with a stock of new, manufactured in the B&S workshop at Winchcombe.
The run of new, starting at the loco shed end, has almost reached the station end now. At the end of the day there were just 3 or 4 left to do.

A few of the posts had rotten feet, and these have had to be replaced as well. With some difficulty, as they were embedded in concrete.

Here is Martin trying to break out the concrete from a rotted post, using an SDS drill.

In this warm but slightly less sunny weather lunch outdoors is very pleasant. Here is the gang with their picnics next to the Flag & Whistle, and not far from their next job - behind the toilets. Nice.

Also with this nice warm weather, the back of the toilets has been a bit whiffy. It's hard to tell exactly where a smell is coming from, so three potential sources were tackled.

Firstly, the breather pipe here was extended above the guttering (grey elbow bend) so that any smells being vented would do so higher up.

Secondly, an old hole in the concrete was identified. This was filled with new concrete, as visible by the dark grey patch at the bottom of the pipe.

Finally, Martin and Phil installed a new manhole cover. That should do the job, it's now air tight.  Or rather, smell tight.

Let's hope that cured the whiffy problem. No doubt another picnic in close proximity will be arranged for next week, to test the new arrangements.

Lastly, we should not forget Bruce, the stalwart who stayed behind in the hot B&S workshop at Winchcombe. Bruce continued with the manufacture of a replacement running in board for Winchcombe. From now on, no more peeling plywood letters, the next generation will be aluminium castings made from 12 inch GWR originals. We have already used replica GWR castings at Broadway and at Hayles Abbey halt.

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  1. I may have said this before but..... The fencing looks great but wouldn't it have been more GWR to have made the palings spear topped wooden palings?
    Great work on the effluent smell. I have done my time on those on the SVR!
    Regards, Paul.

  2. I concur about spearhead fencing, which would have looked authentic.

  3. If that was your concern, perhaps a mention prior to them being made would have been a good idea?

  4. Well I was there on Thursday and missed you all otherwise I would have treated you all to cake or doughnuts. I have to say that my first visit this year after just over a year of not being able to get to the line was wonderful, my first chance to go to Broadway, I managed 3 trips between Toddington and Broadway! Wonderful to see the line looking so good. Yes it would be nice to see spear headed railing but in this day and age we have to go with the round tops to the rails so the uncontrolled little people don't hurt themselves and parents then sue the railway!!! As always such a great variety of work being done there. Many thanks for your efforts, a great deal of good work being done. Jo, can you do me a favour? where was the clock for the Broadway ticket office got from and how much was it? Also the make and colours of the paint used at Broadway i.e. the colours of the doors and the lighter shade of stone? As the garden house / model railway house nears completion I need to get the colours on it before Marion realises it is not a summer house! Hear from you soon.
    Paul & Marion

    1. The clock was bought through Ebay. It was a look-alike, and a friend put on the lettering and the ivorene plate to turn it into a 'GWR' one. Genuine GWR clocks fetch over £2000.

      The paint supplier was Williams I believe, you'd have to ask at Broadway for more details.

    2. T&R Williamsons are the paint suppliers to many Heritage railways. Their paint isn't cheap but is is a hundred times better than your bog-standard Dulux! They make properly matched colours for GWR Light and Dark Stone, plus the Chocolate Brown and Maroon Brown. Have a look at their website -