Thursday, 29 November 2018

Pods at Toddington

Earlier in the month, work continued in the C&M shed on the Winchcombe running in board renewal

as well as the modesty screen for the CRC gents toilet.

Last week a start was made at CRC and one of the modesty screen posts was installed. In addition, the two gateposts dug out from the Broadway station approach were delivered to CRC.

Some grouting of the edging slabs was carried out on P1; about a third has been done now.  The second post and the screen itself are now ready for installation in the near future.

This picture shows the completed RI board prior to installation yesterday at Winchcombe. 
The second RI board is now ready for its letters and is likely to go up next week.  These are surprisingly solid and heavy boards.
The letters are cast in aluminium from originals collected by a volunteer. Besides the more authentic chamfered look, these castings will last longer than the plywood used up to now.
Rod and Keith demolish some play furniture
The main job has been to prep the site for 2 new PODS (4 rooms) which are due to be delivered before Xmas, and for which there are already bookings made for January.  
The work has involved taking down the fence alongside the existing PODS and the car park and removing two items of the play furniture.   
 Note there is a new drain in the wrong place as a result of the recent sewerage works.

Hole for an additional manhole
New drain in the wrong place

As now situated,  that drain will be covered by the building and the team has had to dig out for an inspection manhole some 6ft further out.  
Footprint of new pods at Toddington
Water pipe

The footprint of the PODS is marked in blue in the picture above left.  Above right the tap needs a new post as the present one is rotten, seen here supported by props.  The whole area is mushy clay and not easy to dig out for the concrete pads which will support the new building, all 7 tons of it.

Meanwhile, back in the shed at Wincombe, the replacement running in board was completed.

Mike, fighting the clay
Shuttering goes in


 A start was then made on the bases of the new pods by getting some shuttering into position.
The first base was concreted in, all under very inclement weather and with high winds.

Austen worked the mixer. As it didn't have its legs, a base of pallets also did the job.

Close of play yesterday afternoon shows the site of the new pods. The five right hand bases have been shuttered and concreted, the site cleared of playground furniture, and the wobbly tap at the front supported on some props.
Each concrete base will also have a concrete slab on top. These slabs are from the recent delivery from the school.


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