Thursday, 6 December 2018

More work on the pods

As another outdoor department, the Construction and maintenance team suffered from the steady rain yesterday, but did manage to advance the work preparing for the pods at Toddington. As our roving reporter was taken away to a meeting during the morning while it was still dry, there are no photographs of the sewer pipe being extended into the new manhole, but he was able to work in the afternoon, after it had started to rain seriously. Typical of the weather of course.

Boards in place for the barrow
Following the experience of getting loaded wheelbarrows stuck in the ground Pete had delivered some boards on Saturday, so transporting dug out clay, ballast and concrete was a lot easier.

Shuttering for base L4
Jim M on mixer duty; Mike is off in search of inspiration.

All the work was done in very steady rain.

Apologies for the modest number of photographs this time, but with the rain the team was keen to finish off the work and there wasn't so much enthusiasm to dig into the dry clothing with wet hands to get out the camera.

Then it was all hands to finish the positioning of the l/h bases, bale out the water and fill them with concrete. 

Shuttering being adjusted by John and Rod.

Phil consolidates the concrete for base L3

By close of play the team had finished the outstanding work for the r/h bases and had also completed all 5 l/h ones.

Much to their delight the levels of all bases are just about spot on.  Quite a tribute to the workmanship of the team in atrocious weather 2 weeks running.

It is now hoped that the pods will be delivered next week, so that the team can concentrate on connecting up the water and sewer connections.

Also delivered were some 20 paving slabs. These will allow a start to be made on the footpath along the front of the pods next time.


  1. All sterling work lads. But, we have had to read between the lines to work out what the pods are for. Also what they will look like. Will they blend in or stick out like an extension to 'Fort Bastion'?
    Please tell us.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Hopefully they will be painted in GWR colours to help them blend into the surroundings! But we don't want to give these hardworking teams anymore work just at the moment, they need to be built up with some mince pies during the Santa Specials!
    Paul & Marion

  3. Any reason for casting concrete slabs and not using ready made ones?
    Regularly see Portacabins with normal slabs for leg bases.

  4. The pods are accommodation units for use by volunteers, usually those who have to get up very early to prepare the steam locos.
    Because of the ground conditions and the weight of these units (7 tons), it was thought desirable to provide a concrete base for the slab on which the legs will sit. You can just see a finished pad with a slab on it in the top in the first photograph.