Thursday, 10 January 2019

The new pods go in

A good turnout on a cold but sunny day.

In the nice warm workshop Bruce and Ian were fixing the letters to the second Winchcombe R/I board. Barry was preparing scaffold boards and other timbers in anticipation of making a temporary roof on the Admin Office at Toddy, but we don't have any pictures of that as the main gang was at Toddington.
Here the Pods were due to arrive around 10:00 hrs.  
Pods arriving, with crane
In fact they finally made it at 12:00hrs.  
Crane manoeuvres through a well filled car park
 The first pair of new pod flies through the air...

 ... and lands safely on the supports installed earlier by the gang.
In just a short while both new pods were safely installed.

The pods have bunk beds, showers and toilets.

Do they work?

C&M staff were there to test them exhaustively for you.
The old pods are no longer fit for normal service but where watertight may be used for storage for a while. 

Then it was back to the previous job of reinstalling the fence to the playground.
Mick R painting the fence
A peep inside an old pod.


Phil cuts off a damaged section of the old barge board for reuse

Jim M & Austen dismantle the damaged ply furniture which was later taken up to the Loco Dept for lighting up locos.
Further work was done fitting barge boards to the playground fence.
A team from Broadway removed more slabs from P1 and then started to lay slabs once the new electric cement mixer had arrived.  
Professional slab layers at work
 Bob and Terry can be seen leveling the base prior to laying back the slabs.

A brand new shiny mixer was acquired for the job. Don't get it all dirty now! 

It was quickly put to use for the slabbing job.

The mix was barrowed over to the platform, where Bob leveled it out very carefully.

The slabs don't always obey orders and for that purpose a big persuader was brought down  to help get them into line.

Paul, leaning on a broom and without the usual cup of coffee in his hand, spots the cameraman.
At the end of the day they had laid three rows of slabs. Will passengers realise the amount of work that has gone on under their feet?

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