Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Fixin' a hole in the roof

Just a brief report today, as shortly after lunch the rain arrived and brought the day's activities to a premature end.

Arrival of a sloping frame to carry the plywood sheets

Again there were two main jobs:

(1) continue with relaying the slabs on P1 at Toddington and

(2) make the Trust office waterproof by installing a plywood roof and then covering this with roofing felt.
Jim M and Austen start to put down the sheets

Barry made the sloping frame, and the plywood sheets are in the foreground here.

Terry and the Broadway Team made an early start and indeed were fortunate that they could continue under cover when it rained in the afternoon.  Apart from Paul doing the concrete mixing in the car park and those who took it in turns to barrow the mix the 100 yards to where it was needed, of course.

The class 73 was just back from delivering 80 concrete sleepers to Stanway viaduct.

Significant progress had been made by mid afternoon.  The nearest doorway is the current Station Master's office, once the First Class Waiting Room. This is approximately half way along under the canopy.

The Toddington gang also managed to put in a new post which will shortly hold a water tap next to the car park.

The two new pods are on the right.

With the steady rain after lunch work on the office roof could not proceed, so the temporary tarpaulins had to be put back on. It was too wet to put on the roofing felt.

At Broadway, Mike G took these photographs of work in the cafe kitchen.

The sink units are in, the tiling is in progress, but further plumbing progress was not possible as the expected materials did not arrive.

Mike then took a picture of the cafe interior. The radiators are still out of the box white, as are the electrical switches and sockets.

 A shot through the window shows a refrigerator unit and a modern clock.

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  1. Jo, thanks for the update, you seem to be the "onsite reporter"!
    Again another well written and visual report from our man at the scene.
    These really do help those of us who cannot get across to look for our selves. Keep up the good work, may be we should invest in a video camera for you with a Satelite up-link!Again thanks for the updates.
    Paul & Marion.