Thursday, 18 February 2016

Getting ready at Hayles Abbey

John Kemp, the official  Hayles Abbey halt photographer, popped down to the site on Tuesday to check on progress since the concrete was poured into the foundation trench.

A neat repair has been made of the fence where it was removed to allow the dumper to reach up to the mixer lorry.

The concrete itself has set and is now ready for the first blocks.

All the building materials now need to be brought on site, together with a water bowser, cement mixer and storage container. This is expected to take a couple of weeks yet.

When the JCB returned to the site, various other improvements were made. One of these is the extension of the path past the site of the old corrugated iron shelter, right down to the footings.

This enables us to barrow the materials, bit by bit, down to where they are needed on the day.

This is now the entrance of the site. The fence has been removed, and the pathway levelled. An area has been readied for the site container and initial block delivery.
The contractor also brought in two loads of scalpings, which were used to repair the farm track, and a remainder was put in a pile so that it can later be used to give a surface coating to the angled path leading to the area of the shelter hut.

Further reports as they come in !

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  1. Wonderful progress. Happening a lot faster than I thought possible with all the other things going on prior to the start of services. Praise to all concerned.