Sunday, 21 February 2016

More slabs

At Winchcombe the corbelling on the platform 1 extension was completed in traditional wet winter weather. This allowed the continuation of slab laying, as well as further back filling.

The mini dumper was in action again, with Pete filling it from the spent ballast pile by the car park. It then brought the back fill along the platform to the southernmost point, where a gang of two in heavy duty wet weather gear spread it out along the slope.

The art of spreading is to rake it out carefully from the half tipped bucket, so that not too much goes into one spot, from which you then have to shovel it elsewhere. Good coordination is required between driver and raker.

A step further back shows that 4 more slabs have also been laid down the slope. This should be completed next time with another 4. Further back filling will then achieve the required levels. A back wall of concrete blocks will be built on a concrete foundation. This will also serve as an edge when the tarmac is brought in.

At the bottom of the slope a rail post has been planted.

Ballasting is going on between the platforms.

Here the class 73 carefully rumbles down the newly reinstated platform 2 tracks with a short train of 2 Dogfish.

In this shot the Dogfish are being propelled back north, with a side door drop taking place.
The PWay gang is standing ready to perfect the drop by hand, ready for the next visit by the tamper.

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