Thursday, 25 February 2016

On the final straight at Winchcombe

The fine weather allowed good further progress to be made with the platform 1 extension.

As can be seen in the picture, the major part of the work has been completed, with a new platform wall, corbelling and infill. In the picture Pat can be seen pointing the upper part of the brickwork, while in the background members of the PWay are tidying up after a ballast drop, in readiness for the visit by the tamper.

Shortly afterwards a 'train' arrived, in the form of the PWay 'Landie' reversing back into Winchcombe. The Landie had been out to the tunnel mouth to do a couple of spot sleeper renewals there.

An overview of the platform extension works shows that the last slabs have been laid, right down to the slope and levelling out at the end. This levelling out allows the S&T wire run to continue unimpeded under the slabs.

An elevated view of the platform extension. Pat is working where the old platform ended, you can just make out the former slope behind him. The rest is new, care of B&S. Looks like it's always been there too - excellent work.

This shot shows the return at the end, the rail post and the S&T wires passing underneath. Very neat.

The sleepers and ballast are also new at this point.

At the back of the extension a new block wall is being built. It will hold back the flowerbed, and give the tarmac an edge to which it can be laid. Some backing up behind the blocks is still needed here, the next job on the list.

A contractor also came on Wednesday to size up the tarmac job and provide a quote.

In the picture a straight edge has been cut to give the new tarmac a nice clean break from the existing.

Meanwhile, a member of the Broadway gang is contemplating the arrival of the first service train. Is that a GWR lamp post though?

A last overview of the nearly completed platform extension, looking south. A bit more infill in a final layer prior to tarmac is still required, as well as an extra lamp post.

Once the platform 1 extension is finished, the gang will move on to the next job - concreting the new crossing at the north end of the station.

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