Thursday, 20 December 2018

Cracking On

Another good turn out, and a busy day in C & M.  

In the picture you can see Mike putting a second coat of gloss on the new door for the Gents toilet at CRC.  This is now ready for installation early in the New Year.

The next picture shows the 2 Running In Boards.  The one furthest from the camera is awaiting the letters.  The nearer board had a coat of primer applied during the day.
Pete took a team to CRC and finished installing the modesty screen outside the Gents toilet.  Unfortunately there is only one photographer, and he was helping another team at Toddington, hence we don't have any pictures of Pete at work there.
An overview of the new pod site there shows where the work has been going on, at the north end of the car park. On the left are the existing pods, next to them the site for the new ones, and then on the right is the childrens' playground.
After lunch the CRC team joined the other team at at Todddington and made a start levelling the ground and laying a foundation layer of ballast for the footpath alongside the new Pods.
Phil and Terry levelling the first new post.
Setting the corner post.

The fence line begins to take shape.
Rod pours another bag of Postcrete.

The main activity was again centered on removing the last of the rotten posts in the fence around the children's play area.  This job was rather time consuming as the remains of the rotten posts were still buried in about a foot of concrete.  However we did manage to get them all out in the end and also do a first fix using Postcrete on all the new posts.  The team will need to top these off with more concrete next time, then paint the posts and finally re-fit the fence panels which are in quite good condition. 

Overall view of the playground fence posts going in.
Phil, Terry & Rod tackle the last rotten post.

With the fence posts back in, a start could be made on a footpath which will run between the bases of the new pods and the fence separating the new pods from the playground.

Jim M, Mike G, Austen and John are in action here.

This is a shot of the pods we already have. They have two beds in each, and a small toilet facility. Bigger than some Japanese hotel rooms, and so useful for people from far away, or early risers for warming up engines.
It appears that due to logistical issues the new pods will not now be delivered until the second week of January.  Hopefully the site will have dried out by then.

Pete and his gang also managed to do a quick job for C&W, where a supply cable, formerly outdoors until the barn extension was built over it, is now indoors but in an open trench.

The cable was covered in a layer of concrete mixed on site, and nicely levelled off.

Almost invisible now.

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