Wednesday, 12 December 2018

More podding about

There were three teams in action today.  Barrie, Bruce and Ian were again working on another running in board in the workshop. There are 2 under construction at the moment, but the cameraman was unfortunately not there to see them for you.

The main job at Toddington was to continue work in preparation for the pods.  There is still no date for delivery but we hear that things are moving on that front. 

The first picture today shows the pod area where a manhole cover was moved to one side last week. 
In its previous location the original manhole would have ended up precisely under one of the pods.
The main activity today was to erect posts to support the new boundary fence between the pods and the children's play area, and to remove some of the rotten posts supporting the fence to the play area.  

Rod baling out a hole near the water pipe
Post hole no 2 is being excavated by Rod Terry and Keith
Phil joins in to check for level
In the end just about all were suspect so they have all come out bar 2, which have been left so we can set line and height for the new posts next time.  

Row of posts, from the car park
Pete starts to back fill near the new manhole
We also wanted to expose the water pipes to the existing Pods to see if these can be used for the new ones.

Austen coats the buried sections of the new posts with preservative
Before lunch we managed to do all the main posts; then after lunch intermediate posts were installed.

The stock of removed fence panels.  These will be fettled up and reused.

In the picture on the left you can see the pile of recovered fence panels by the toilet block, and in the foreground, two of the older posts remaining to help set up the line and height for next time.

In this final picture you can see the whole row of new fence posts. They run alongside the cast concrete bases for the pods when they arrive.

In other news Pete, Austen and our cameraman worked on the roofs of the Admin offices. These are nearing the end of their lives and leaks are beginning to appear. The gang tried to make them waterproof once again for the coming winter season, with a mixture of sealing up splits and covering with tarpaulins. Alas, on that occasion no photographs were taken, but we can reveal that the information office now sports a bright green tarpaulin hat.
The sooner these functions re-locate to our newly acquired offices in Winchcombe the better. (May 2019 is the suggested date)

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