Friday, 15 February 2019

Back from gone away

The C&M blog is back after a 3 week absence, due to holidays and a funeral.

It doesn't mean that the gang stood still, just that your reporter wasn't there to record it. Things are back to normal now though.

Working tap in the car park at Toddington
Modesty screen at CRC, fitted a few months back

Next to the modesty screen, a new door was fitted at CRC by Barrie, while Bruce remained in the workshop at Winchcombe, where he worked on two more running in boards.

Completed fence panels at Toddington
Phil sorting out the external plumbing of the pods

Austen adjusted a fence panel at Toddington, where the main gang was working by the pods, and on the platform.

The slab re-laying team at Toddington have made huge progress and this picture shows just how far they got - the whole platform under the canopy has been relaid. Nice and smooth now.

The relaying of the Toddington slabs appears to have suffered from "Project Creep", as the Team are now extending the slab area at both ends and also fitting an additional drain.

Here you can see the job arriving at the south end of the station building. It looks very neat indeed.

This picture shows the relay at the north end, where the job has reached the footbridge steps.

Earlier, the team sent a delegation to Winchcombe to refresh the white lining.

Ken and John can be seen giving the platform edge a heat treatment, prior to applying a white strip which, it is hoped, will last longer than the traditional paint job.

Time will tell.

And finally, a picture of the slabbing gang enjoying a well deserved picnic lunch in the sun

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  1. The slabbing and white line jobs look great.
    Regards, Paul.