Wednesday, 20 February 2019

At Toddington

Two main teams today, with a couple of extras.

One of these was Mike, who spent the day painting the rear of the Flag & Whistle

The Winchcombe team was busy with the renewed running in board for platform two.

During the day they erected the renewed running in board, and you can see it here back on its two cast iron posts with original GWR finials.

P1 needs two more cast iron finials... if you have any spare ones in your garage, get in touch.

The same team then moved on to Toddington.

At the end of the day.
Austen and Jim at work in the background.

At Toddington by the new pods they laid 4 foundations which will each have a step on top for the 4 doorways. After the foundations were cast one step was completed and another had the brick base built - see before and after pictures.

Along P1 at Winchcombe the white line started last week with the heat treatment was completed.

Before the line can be painted along the edge of P2, the wide joints between the slabs need cleaning and repointing.

That was John's job today, and it was a pretty long one too. The joints were wide and filled with soft mortar and a few weeds. Bit by bit John scraped this out and filled again with new.

With a smooth surface along the edge, the white line can then be applied successfully. It won't stick if there are voids.

The relaying of the P12 slabs at Toddington continued today, by members of the Broadway team. In the above picture they are cutting and laying slabs at the north end.

At the end of the day they were working near the bottom of the footbridge steps.

A lot of care had to be taken to set levels appropriate for the cable troughs that run underneath.

There was a lot of cutting required too, for the fiddly bits around the steps.

The cutting of the slabs took place off site, some distance away, in view of the dust being generated. Note all the safety gear in use, no luxury here.

Finally the southern end of the platform, recently completed, was power washed for that nice clean finish.

Walk on that nice clean finish? You must be joking !


  1. Toddington is looking really pristine, albeit, a little pretentious with TWELVE platforms. I take it that it was a typo! Made me laugh though.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. For cast iron finals perhaps you could contact the Broadway team or Jo. I believe that they had some finals cast for Broadway and they might be able to help you out.


    1. Look who has written this blog Paul! It IS jo.
      Regards, Paul.