Thursday, 28 February 2019

In Transit

Your valiant reporter was out in the company Transit most of the day, so photo opportunities were limited, unless you like pictures of Transits in front of various buildings.

Tail lift being tested

An essential but non-productive trip was made to Evesham to get the tail lift tested.

This comes under the "Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations" 1998 (LOLER) for short.

Luckily it passed, so we are OK for another 6 months

A work surface for Winchcombe was then collected with the same Transit from B & Q, and delivered back to Winchcombe. It turned out to be the wrong size, so another journey back to Evesham to return it to B&Q. On then to Winchcombe, to collect some slabs for Toddington. Then on to Broadway to collect more paving slabs, which were also delivered to Toddington. 

While the Transit was shuttling about Jim M and Mike R were applying more white lining along platform 2 at Winchombe.
They got about half done.

During the day Mike G was working in the cafe at Broadway where he fitted a new tap in the kitchen.

Catching some rays at lunch time.

A sneaky look at P2 at Winchcombe during the day found the running in board duo Ian and Bruce enjoying the sunshine on this brilliantly sunny day, when the February thermometer hit 17 degrees C.

Pod steps completed

Pete and Phil completed the steps for the Pods and did some remedial plumbing for them as well. 

The re-slabbing team from Broadway was in full action again by the station building in Toddington.

You can see that it's quite tricky to get the new slabs laid to fit, and a lot of cutting was required to get each one exactly the right size.

This was all done 100 yards away in the car park, to keep the dust away from the building and the other members of the gang.

It's also worth mentioning how neatly the slab team have managed to lay the slabs level with the concrete cable duct which runs across the area they are working on. 

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