Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Bridge that gap

Where the recently relaid slabs met the tarmac at Toddington on P1 a small gap was detected between the tarmac and the platform copers.

Roger and Jim H bridged that gap with a small supply of tarmac that they heated with a gas torch.

It's only a small job, but it will stop anyone tripping and falling over the edge. It's not unheard of!

Preparing to completely reset the third slab - John, Pete and Jim.
Then on to Winchcombe, where there has been some movement in the last 3 slabs on P2.
These had to be reset.  This involved John cutting a small slot in the tarmac to allow the slabs to be pushed back into position and re grouted.  The last slab had to be completely taken off and reset.

Mike rolling out the lining strip.
Job done!

Meanwhile Mike and Austen completed the white lining for the bay platform

The rest of the day was taken up with investigating a nasty smell near the new pods, more clearing up after our activities at Toddington and making 2 deliveries to Broadway. This set them up to start slab laying under the P1 footbridge steps, in readiness for the arrival of the scaffolding to do the roof.

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  1. The nasty smell near the pods could result in the ban of take away curries in future!
    Regards, Paul.