Thursday, 21 March 2019

There's a whiff in the air - no more.

A mixed bag of activities this time, with several items being addressed at once.

At Winchcombe in the workshop Ian and Bruce were working on refurbishing one of the Winchcombe benches. All the other work took place at Toddington though.

Here chief painter Mike R completed brushing in the kiln dried sand into the gaps where the slabs had been re-laid on P1.  While he was doing that Jim H finished inserting pea gravel in the gap alongside the new Pod footpath.  Unfortunately there are no photos of either activity, the chaps were too busy working.

Martyn fitting the roofing felt

Barrie, Pete and Martyn removed all the temporary tarpaulins and associated materials, scaffold boards and Heras fence feet from the roof of the admin block.  Then Barrie Martyn and Jim H set about gluing and nailing new roofing felt on the top, to make a better and more permanent repair.  
Barrie went round the edges screwing on the securing battens.   

Another job off the list.
With the roofing felt on, the admin office looked presentable again.

These Portacabins are getting to the end of their life, and in due course their functions will be transferred to the new office block we are buying in the yard at Winchcombe. That should happen later this year.

Mike, Jim M & Phil fishing for the plastic bag.

Phil, Jim M, Mike and Pete did a thorough rod and flushing exercise on the new sewer pipes where a bit of a whiff had been detected. 
They discovered a plastic bag left in by the contractors, which we think accounted for the backing up of the sewer material.
Phil flushing the main sewer pipe.
Pod sewer pipe supports completed.
Just to be sure there are no more smells the new manhole we had to put in has been well and truly sealed in concrete.  Finally improvements were made to the supports for the new sewer pipe connecting all the new Pods.
Concreting in the new manhole

The finished manhole
So not a very exciting day, but one which hopefully has finally sorted out both the smells and the leaking roof.
A big discussion about an old engine.
Finally C&M were asked to assist the Friends of Toddington in moving the old engine in the children's play area.  However after some discussion it was decided that this was too far gone and it will be dismantled with possibly just the noughts and crosses being retained.  
During the day new furniture was delivered, so watch this space to see how that works out.

The noughts & crosses board.
The little wooden engine now waits in the playground for its fate.

Anyone see the similarity between it and the little Ruston 4 wheeled shunter?


  1. I didn't know the Ruston had noughts and crosses on it !!!???!!!
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Just like Swindon, the condemned engine awaits the fitters, stripping the usable parts, then its off to the scrap lines...
    In this case cut up as loco fire starting wood, chicken and egg like.