Thursday, 7 March 2019

Finishing up.

Several jobs were finished on Wednesday.

In a magnificent solo effort, Mike has completed the painting of the Flag & Whistle on the car park side.

It looks like new now.

At Winchcombe behind the workshop the new white Transit was fitted with a secure tool box, as well as a green wheelie bin for the transport of shovels and similar tools.

Also at Winchcombe, Barrie, John and Phil fitted a new and very heavy work surface in the booking office.

Mike and Phil then completed the white line on platform 2 at Winchcombe, just in time for the first trains this season.

Pete and John went to CRC to fill in holes in the tarmac, but that was far away, while the photographer was at Toddington. Well, you can't be everywhere at once.


At Toddington Jim H and Jim G fitted the barge board to the bottom of the new fence by the new pods. This job can now be declared finished, again ready for the new season.

The two Jims then ran a clear up service, taking spare materials and some rubbish away from the Toddington site to Broadway and Winchcombe.

The tail lift on the Transit was particularly useful here.

And finally, we are pleased to announce that the slab relay on the Toddington platform is now completed. That's another job off the list by the C&M gang.

Here Bob and Terry lay one of the last slabs using the vacuum 'sucker'. What a marvelous machine it is.
The area around the drain at the north end of the station building was the last bit to be finished.

Now there's just a bit of a clean up needed, and some sand to go in the gaps.

Above you can see the complete relay of all the slabbing, under the canopy and by the entrance gate at the north end. It's a fine job done, very neat and level.

Finally, here is the proud slabbing gang, except for Mike, who was at Broadway.

From L to R :
Paul, Clive, Rod, Bob, Keith and Terry.

Paul's usual cup of coffee must be in his left hand, we can't see it?



  1. Not in his left hand Jo. Methinks he has opted for a larger vessel - see the doggy bowl on the weighing machine!!
    Great slab laying. Well done the whole gang.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Well Paul, the doggy bowl did have it's uses. At times it carried a small volume of water to wash down dusty slabs, after cutting, or to soften the mix for the bed.

  3. A super job chaps, hopefully i can get to the GWSR sometime during the year, i admire your dedication.

  4. Brilliant work, the local authorities should send their young apprentices for you guys to train up. Most L A s have long forgotten how to lay slabs.