Thursday, 4 April 2019

A brief report

A somewhat brief report for today as the gang was a bit thin in numbers due to meetings and training courses.

The main effort was in the children's play area at Toddington.  The new furniture has arrived and C&M have been asked by the Friends of Toddington do the hard work excavating holes for this furniture.

Phil in action trying to loosen up the clay in one of the four large holes
Phil gets the mechanical auger fired up

Rod came along to offer advice on using the mechanical auger which Phil then operated.  There was a lot of discussion regarding the position of the new slide since as, as first positioned, we felt we would damage the new sewer pipe.  So a couple of test holes later the slide was resited.  
Jim M and Austen get to grips with one of the 9 posts for the new slide
9 no 6" diameter holes were required but following equipment failure and the sleet we only managed 3.  The other 4 holes were approx 2ft square and nearly 2ft deep.  We used the auger to loosen up the clay which sticks to everything.  Again for the same reasons we managed to complete 2 holes and got about halfway down the remaining 2 before being sleeted off.
At Winchcombe in the workshop one of the benches was having its planks repainted.

Also at Winchcombe in the workshop the bench in question had its scripted bench ends repainted into chocolate and cream.

Due to the absence of the principal photographer Jim the next report on the C&M blog will be at the beginning of May.

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