Thursday, 2 May 2019

Digging a hole at Cheltenham

Wednesday at CRC

The team was a bit thin on the ground today, but after what seems like weeks at Toddington work finally resumed on the replacement gates at CRC. These are for access from the north end, by the level crossing. The original cast iron gate posts removed from Broadway can be seen next to the hole in the picture below.
Barry Pete and John getting organised for yet more digging.
Ron, a new volunteer,  joined the team and took on the job of re-surveying the area where the new fence, gates and gate posts are to go.  As a result it was decided to modify the gate post foundations.  Unfortunately this meant removing the thin (6") layer of concrete already carefully laid in the bottom of both the holes, followed by further digging to remove another foot or so of very sticky clay.  This was then barrowed over the crossing to the rear of P2 for dumping.  
After lunch it rained but the team persisted, although not a lot of fun was had today.

John starting on the second hole
Pete digs out the old concrete which John has broken up with the crow bar

Since the previous blog post C & M have completed the re-grouting of the platform copers on P1 at CRC.  Mike R came along to recover the gap supports and to paint the edge of the recently installed replacement door to the Gents.  Sadly we have no photos of this 'enthralling' activity.
Ron doing some re-measuring

Pete in wet weather gear continues digging hole 1 deeper.

By close of play both holes were 1100 mm deep and just about ready for a fresh concrete pour next time.  Note the small ladder needed to get out of the hole!!


  1. Wonderful! I am reminded of the late Bernard Cribbins: "There was I, digging this hole..."

    Powli Wilson

  2. He's 90 and played the station master at Oakworth in the film The Railway Children, my favourite film.

  3. Oh dear, I thought we watched obits last year, but clearly not! Late in the sense of 60 years ago! Humility ans "sack cloth".


  4. He was also in Doctor Who.
    Regards, Paul.